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Listen to some of the most exotic instruments in the world. This country has strong musical influences from the nomadic tribes of the Sahara and the tropical countries to the south, east and west.

Tracks Listed In: Burkina Faso

Preview Track Artist
Vibey Tribal Arrival (0B) - See more info.

Fast, intense and heavy tribal percussion groove, with an urgent and slightly tense mood.

Guymon Ensley
Wandering in the desert (19.26MB) - See more info.

Strange, ambient, new age, with combinations of electronica, weird Arab /Indian ethnic vocal and Afo-Arabian percussion, giving an uncomfortable and somewhat tense atmosphere.

Sultan Makende
What you say (26.65MB) - See more info.

Funky, jazzy and groovy.

Wild molo (8.43MB) - See more info.
Weird and tense combination of molo (African 2 string banjo) and percussion.


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