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Relaxing, laid back grooves to chill out with

Tracks Listed In: Chill fusion and Lounge

Preview Track Artist
Bula Bula-16sec (4.5MB) - See more info.

A snappy, happy, groovy South Sea Island Reggae groove.

Dave Yowell
Bula Bula-22sec (6.09MB) - See more info.

A snappy, happy, groovy South Sea Island Reggae groove.

Dave Yowell
Bunkalong-Orchestra and percussion (25.65MB) - See more info.

A fast and pumping organic fusion of very diverse influences, combining a string orchestra, funk, jazz, and loads of exotic percussion from many far and distant lands.

Sultan Makende
Carioca Sunset (24.63MB) - See more info.

A floating, chill bossa nova, direct from Rio De Janeiro with really cool miles Davis type muted trumpet taking the lead melody.

Swan Li
Catharsis (22.06MB) - See more info.
Very calm and introspective solo classical guitar piece.
Mango Bongo
Celtic bossa (13.06MB) - See more info.

A cool, happy and laid-back bossa nova with an American country feel.

Celtic Blue
Choro de Sofia-Cues Combo (36.35MB) - See more info.

Starts as a soft and slow waltz with piano acousic guitar and strings, then picks up into a faster and brighter section with a light Brazilian samba rhythm with traditional Brazilian percussion.

Dave Yowell
Congona (9.69MB) - See more info.

Fast and tense, this piece is a very atmospheric groover.

Sultan Makende
Cool bossa azul (18.63MB) - See more info.

A funky bossa nova acoustic / electronic / lounge fusion from Brazil, light and cool, giving a feeling of paragliding over Guanabara bay and sugarloaf mountain  Rio de janeiro.

Co Preto
Cool Hand - cues composite (28.02MB) - See more info.

Jazzy-swinging trumpets with groovy, swing and funky sections with breaks.

Guymon Ensley


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