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Tripping in the Park - See more info.

 A soft, strange and psyychedelic combination of kalimba (African thumb harp) and swirling synthesizers.

Dave Yowell
Bamboo Mist - See more info.

A strange and haunting flute played over a spacey electronic synthesiser, combined with a glass finger rubbed tone.

Dave Yowell
Danger Mekanix - See more info.

Crashing rock, distorted electric guitar and filtered synthesizer beats giving a feeling of tension and apprehension.

Dave Yowell
Danielle - See more info.
Acoustic grand piano in the style of Debussy
This piece takes an emotional walk through several moods, starting out sweet, then becoming questioning, then pausing before moving on to become darker with more tension.
Dave Yowell
Evil Kindergarten - See more info.

Weird, uncomfortable, childish and ominous.

Dave Yowell
Breaking Bedlam-ambient mix - See more info.

Ambient, organic electric guitar with floating piano and swirling synthesizers, giving a strange slightly sad and tense feeling.

Gringo Loco
Lost the Plot - See more info.

Classic trombone led ska, in the style of the great Rico Rodriguez, some roots dub and crazy belly dance thrown in for good measure.

Dave Yowell
Metro mekanix - See more info.

Organic, industrial Techno beats with weird and threatening undertones.

Dave Yowell
Miicro genetic invasion - See more info.
A bubbly, popping fusion of electro organic sounds, with a big bang ending.
Dave Yowell
Moving Eyes - See more info.

A heartrending, sad and wistful orchestral piece.

Dave Yowell


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