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Giant's Causeway Details:

Giant's Causeway - Celtic Blue

A mournful and sad, Irish Ballad featuring cello, acoustic guitars, mandolin, bodhran (Irish frame drum) bass and drums.

Giant's Causeway-Northern Ireland

Dave Yowell / Kevin O' Calaghan - 50/50


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Celtic Blue Biographical Information:

Celtic Blue is the name of a celtic fusion band and album by the late Kevin O'Callaghan and Dave Yowell.
In 2006, Kevin (Vocals, guitars and mandolin), Dave (bass, keys and percussion) and Martin Symonds (drums) had a lot of fun recording the album and then playing the material live in Irish pubs around North London.
Unfortunately, Kevin died of lung cancer in 2012 - He is remebered with much fondness - RIP Kevin.
Kevin's share of royalties generated, are passed on to his surviving family.
 Celtic Blue

Giant's Causeway Technical Information:

  • Duration: 1:43