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Berimbau Dream Details:

Berimbau Dream - Cão Preto

A soft, floating and ambient combination of berimbau (bow harp), percussion, swirling electronic keyboard pads and a smooth wailing male voice (no lyrics).
The mood is mysterious with a very spiritual feeling, drawn from the traditional Bahian culture of Candomblé.


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Cão Preto Biographical Information:

Cão Preto (AKA Dave Yowell) is a Kenyan/Brazilian musician and composer, well known in the state of Bahia as the 'rapaz' (dude) who taught the local chickens to play foot-volley-ball on Praia do flamengo (Flamingo Beach) during carnival.
CAE / IPI: 145737656

Cão Preto

Berimbau Dream Technical Information:

    • File format: MP3 & WAV
    • Bitrate: 128 kbps
    • Sample rate: 48000 Hz
    • Number of channels: 2
    • Length: 00:01:28