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Tekno Hekno Details:

Tekno Hekno - DJ-Van

A fast pounding and dramatic fusion of electronic beats, sythesiszers and live darbuka percussion.
It has a Middle Eastern vibe, mostly created by the darbuka percussion.
it would work as an underscore to a chase scene or a build up to a violent and frightening event.
The track is made up of several parts - some lighter and some extremely heavy.

Separate stems can be provided if needed.


alarming+ battle+ bloodcurdling+ chilling+ creepy+ eerie+ Egypt+ fast+ fight+ hair-raising+ horrendous+ horrifying+ horror+ Israel+ Middle East+ Palestine+ pounding+ scary+ shocking+ spine-chilling+ spooky+ tense+ unnerving+ violent+ war+

DJ-Van Biographical Information:

DJ-Van is a Nordic-Viking descendent who specialises in electronic beats and grooves who made it big during the "Progressive House" dance music revolution.
Paradise Organisation During the 80's and 90's he was a member of The Paradise Organisation, often lauded by the great BBC Deejay John Peel RIP.

Tekno Hekno Technical Information:

  • Duration: 3:02