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A Sunny Day Details:

A Sunny Day - Bluefoxx

A dreamy, warm and cheerful piece, slightly exotic sounding due to the instrumentation, featuring an acoustic piano, acoustic guitar, plus the warm registers of tuned percussion, bongos, plus synth pads.


+ cheerful+ dreamy+ marimba+ piano+ southern+ sunny+ Warm+

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Bluefoxx Biographical Information:

My musical career started at the age of four, when I started learning the piano (which I still play today at 24, among other instruments such as e-bass and guitar). After a music-based high school, I spent 2 years in the UK teaching piano and music theory. My first composition was created when I was 13, and over the years, I was able to develop create my own style of music, which represents a variety of different styles, soft piano music, atmospherical sounds as well as Lo-Fi.
Diana Australia Heidernaetsch
CAE / IPI: 01234931660

A Sunny Day Technical Information:

    • File format: MP3 & WAV
    • Bitrate: 128 kbps
    • Sample rate: 48000 Hz
    • Number of channels: 2
    • Length: 00:01:02