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Tracks Listed In: Medium

Preview Track Artist
Desert Born-string orchestra - See more info.

A moving and emotional fusion of Middle Eastern and modern Western instruments.

Al Finjan
Drylands Sunset-No clarinet - See more info.

A soft, and  melow waltz from the Sertão (Drylands) of Brazil.

Mango Bongo
Eastern Flight - See more info.

Epic, sweeping piece featuring the Indian sarangi and tanpura, Arabic percussion in addition to strings, brass and woodwinds.

Graham Boyle
Empty Platform - See more info.

A moody, dark and slow-tempo solo piano piece.

Michael Tarrant
Enemies - See more info.

A dark, action cinematic tune with heavy guitars, deep basses, strings and synths, best for action scenes, movie intros, trailers, fighting, racing contents and gaming visuals.

Field Full of Pumpkins - See more info.

This is an electronic piano hip-hop instrumental, medium tempo, featuring piano, synth pads, hang pan and programmed drum beats.

Duane Beswick
Fifty-Fifty - See more info.

Electronic, Chilled, Medium pace, Drums, Synths, Piano, Bass

Naomi Young
Flying By Moonlight - See more info.

Epic, sweeping and ethereal piece featuring strings, brass woodwind and choir.

Graham Boyle
Folky joke Balcanica-Cues and hits comp - See more info.

A bouncy, happy track full of fun and joy.

Dave Yowell
Folky joke Balcanica-full version - See more info.

A bouncy, happy track full of fun and joy.

Dave Yowell


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