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Back in the outback-yidaki-drums-bass groove Details:

Back in the outback-yidaki-drums-bass groove - Yidaki Man

A slow, hypnotic and pulsing combination of yidaki (Australian didjeridoo), click sticks, acoustic bass and drum beat.
It can easily be looped and edited should you want a longer or shorter version.
Check out the other versions with soft keyboard melodies and pads.

mix set - zip archiveThis track is part of a Mix-Set - You can download all versions as a ZIP archive

**If you would prefer specific stems to create your own particular versions, please get in touch and Dave will send them to you directly, as fast as he can.


Aboriginal+ Aborigine+ Aussie+ Australia+ didgeridoo+ yidaki+

Mix-set Information:

Yidaki Man Biographical Information:

Yidaki Man is the guy who plays the yidaki (didgeridoo) using the circular breathing method.

Back in the outback-yidaki-drums-bass groove Technical Information:

  • Duration: 0:28