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Finding A Way Not To - COMPOSITE Details:

Finding A Way Not To - COMPOSITE - Guymon Ensley

A  medium tempo, mellow, jazzy piece with piano, double bass.  The piece captures the sences as it proceeds, giving an impression of a bar scene, with persons sitting, mingling and peacfully enjoying themselves. Although having a retro feel, it is certainly perfect as a contemporary setup, as jazz never gets old.  The cue is perfect as background as well as feature.
This is composite of short cues, bangs and hits.

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Guymon Ensley Biographical Information:

An accomplished trumpeter and a prolific composer, Guymon has produced music professionally across many genres for over two decades.
Having released four albums and six single award-winning projects since 2003, he continues to produce music for his band G.E.Q. (the Guymon Ensley Quintet) as well as numerous  ensembles, vocalists, spoken word artists and audio book narrators.   
Guymon has also produced cues and underscores for film and television of various genres over the last four years.
CAE:     454480353

Finding A Way Not To - COMPOSITE Technical Information:

    • File format: MP3 & WAV
    • Bitrate: 128 kbps
    • Sample rate: 48000 Hz
    • Number of channels: 2
    • Length: 00:01:45