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Bangs, clangs and boings with a groove

Tracks Listed In: Industrial Fusion

Preview Track Artist
Alone Against All - See more info.

A disturbing, mysterious action cinematic tune with piano, deep basses, edgy synths and drums, best for trailers, movie intros, action scenes, sci-fi contents and gaming visuals.

Breaking Bedlam - See more info.

Electric guitar, drums and bass, with floating piano and swirling synthesizers, giving a strange, slightly sad and tense feeling.

Gringo Loco
Evil Kindergarten - See more info.

Weird, uncomfortable, childish and ominous.

Dave Yowell
Metallic Mystery - See more info.

 Metallic, thundering clangs and thumps, backed by electronic whooshes .

Dave Yowell
Metro mekanix - See more info.

Organic, industrial Techno beats with weird and threatening undertones.

Dave Yowell
Retro-Electro Video Game Blame - See more info.

A very electronic and a bit crazy track that has an 80's retro-video game vibe.

Duane Beswick
Run and Bunk Away - See more info.

A tense, frightening and dramatic short piece with scary metallic woohes and hits, combined with strange and weird electronic sfx and  a scary pulsating drone.

Guymon Ensley