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These are short edits of music, perfect for using as a musical cue or transition between scenes.  

Tracks Listed In: Cues, transitions and hits

Preview Track Artist
Acoustic bass cues sound set (10.1MB) - See more info.

This is a composite of acoustic double bass cues, usefull for scene changes - common in comedies and lighter / non-serious productions.

Dave Yowell
Acoustic guitar bridge-composite (18.38MB) - See more info.

A collection of short acoustic guitar cues, perfect for introducing or exiting a scene.

Dave Yowell
Agreste Feliz-cues (19.85MB) - See more info.

A traditional baião (groove) from the  (agreste) drylands of North Eastern Brazil.

Sultan Makende
Baião de xique xique-cues composite (11.88MB) - See more info.

A traditional Brazilian Baião from the semi-desert drylands - North Eastern Brazil.

Dave Yowell
Bunkalong-cues composite (12.07MB) - See more info.

A fast and pumping organic fusion of very diverse influences, combining funk, jazz, and loads of exotic percussion from many far and distant lands.

Sultan Makende
Carnival boogie-cues composite (4.46MB) - See more info.

A super groovy Afro-Latin mix that crosses the Atlantic from Africa to Latin America and back.

Cool Hand - cues composite (28.02MB) - See more info.

Jazzy-swinging trumpets with groovy, swing and funky sections with breaks.

Guymon Ensley
Drylands Blues-cues combo (10.4MB) - See more info.

A laid back baião groove from the North Eastern, semi-desert dry lands of Brazil (Sertão).

Dave Yowell
Egyptian rhapsody-all cues and hits combo (13.47MB) - See more info.

Percussive, funky groove straight from the Arabian deserts of the Middle East and North Africa.

Dave Yowell
funkin stretto-cues combo (14.39MB) - See more info.

This is the cues combo of the main track, check the versions out via the links below.

Gringo Loco


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