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From the largest country in South America - a collection many genres, including: Bossanova, Samba, Samba-reggae, Baião, Forró, Ijexá and many more.

Tracks Listed In: On A Brazilian Groove

Preview Track Artist
Frevo Tudo Jia-vocal - See more info.

A fast and furious "Frevo" track direct from Pernumbuco - North East Brazil.

Sultan Makende
Groovy Samba-full version - See more info.

A traditional old school / 70's style,  groovy samba from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Co Preto
Ipanema Beach - See more info.

Sophisticated, cool,  and jazzy Brazilian bossa nova, featuring muted trumpet, acoustic piano, acoustic bass, drums and congas.

Swan Li
La Bossita Latina-Full version - See more info.

A warm and happy Latino fusion of bossa nova with a touch of salsa.

The Brain Drain Gang
Lounging In The Lobby - See more info.

A medium tempo, relaxing Latino bolero - calm, easygoing and with a sophisticated, laid-back vibe.

Co Preto
Polka Maluca-mid percussion break - See more info.

A fast and urgent, slightly strange sounding polka with a humorous touch.

Dave Yowell
Run dont walk - See more info.

A spooky and unsettling percussion groove featuring many Afro-Brazilian percussion instruments, including berimbau, sourdo, caxixi, pandeiro, bata, agogo and cabaça.

Dave Yowell
Talking to my drum - See more info.

A bouncy percussion based track, featuring West African talking drum, congas,  Brazilian cuica,  bells and shakers.

Sultan Makende


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