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From the largest country in South America - a collection many genres, including: Bossanova, Samba, Samba-reggae, Baião, Forró, Ijexá and many more.

Tracks Listed In: On A Brazilian Groove

Preview Track Artist
Afrobeat In Da street (27.95MB) - See more info.

A funky, traditional Nigerian Afrobeat groove in the style of the great, late Baranta

Agreste Feliz-Full version (19.78MB) - See more info.

A traditional baião (groove) from the  (agreste) drylands of North Eastern Brazil.

Sultan Makende
Baião de Xique Xique (10.76MB) - See more info.

Main version:
A traditional Brazilian Baião from the semi-desert drylands - North Eastern Brazil.

Dave Yowell
Berimbau Tensão (21.62MB) - See more info.

A tense, slow, floating combination of a Brazilian berimbau (gourd bow), with an underlay of discordant electronic drones and sweeps.

Sultan Makende
Berimbauzinho-cues composite (10.81MB) - See more info.

This is the cues composite - useful for cutting in and out of scenes.

Cão Preto
Berimbauzinho-full version (7.99MB) - See more info.

Brazilian Berimbau (gourd bow) accompanied by a percussion ensemble.

Cão Preto
Berimbauzinho-solo berimbau (7.99MB) - See more info.

Solo Berimbau (gourd bow) - traditionally used in the Brazilian martial art / ritual dance - Capoeira.

Cão Preto
Big city nights (10.63MB) - See more info.

A jazzy bossa nova with a latino-salsa swing.

Swan Li
Celtic bossa (13.06MB) - See more info.

A cool, happy and laid-back bossa nova with an American country feel.

Celtic Blue
Choro de Sofia (45.27MB) - See more info.

Starts as a soft and slow waltz with piano acousic guitar and strings, then picks up into a faster and brighter section with a light Brazilian samba rhythm with traditional Brazilian percussion.

Dave Yowell


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