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Tracks Listed In: Republic of Turkey

Preview Track Artist
A long Dark Road (36.78MB) - See more info.

A  dark musical suite with a strong Middle Eastern flavour.

Sultan Makende
Afrindo (8.29MB) - See more info.

Percussion from Africa, the Middle East and India, with a pulsating bass drone.

Dave Yowell
Arabia Fantasia-Fusion (17.54MB) - See more info.

A fast-paced fusion of Middle Eastern instruments and percussion, with a progressive house music underlay of bass and drums.

Sultan Makende
Arabia Fantasia-Lite (13.79MB) - See more info.

A  slow, dreamy Arabian combination of rababa (Arabian violin) darbuka (Middle Eastern ceramic drum), with an underlay of swirling, psychadelic keyboards.

Sultan Makende
Arabia Fantasia-main version (7.25MB) - See more info.

A fusion of Middle Eastern instruments and percussion.

Sultan Makende
Bachanalia (21.33MB) - See more info.

A fusion of various Middle Eastern and East European folkloric instruments and percussion, plus a string orchestra, with a heavy bass.

Sultan Makende
Belly From Helly (23.67MB) - See more info.

A bouncy, fusion of traditional Arabian and Western instruments, which could be used under any media related to the Middle East.

Al Finjan
Land of the Golden Horn (26.99MB) - See more info.

A fusion of rock and dance instrumental music with a Middle Eastern / Arabian / Turkish / Jewish flavour.

Sultan Makende
Tekno Hekno (0B) - See more info.

A fast pounding and dramatic fusion of electronic beats, sythesiszers and live darbuka percussion.