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Tracks Listed In: England

Preview Track Artist
A Coffee with God (13.11MB) - See more info.

A soft, slow and sad solo acoustic guitar.

Dave Yowell
A Coffee with God plus orchestra (13.11MB) - See more info.

A soft, slow and sad solo acoustic guitar accompanied by a string orchestra.

Dave Yowell
Acoustic bass cues sound set (10.1MB) - See more info.

This is a composite of acoustic double bass cues, usefull for scene changes - common in comedies and lighter / non-serious productions.

Dave Yowell
Acoustic guitar bridge-composite (18.38MB) - See more info.

A collection of short acoustic guitar cues, perfect for introducing or exiting a scene.

Dave Yowell
Ambient Transport (30.76MB) - See more info.

A floating, ambient mix of electronic sounds, a finger rubbed glass, with an eerie and melancholic melody.

Dave Yowell
Angels We Have Heard On High (28.99MB) - See more info.

Based on the traditional Christmas carol, it starts out slow, then picks up into a faster, jazzy and bouncy swing.

Dave Yowell
Auld Lang Syne (10.99MB) - See more info.

An old public domain scottidh folk song, traditionally sung on New Year's Eve at midnight.

Dave Yowell
Blind Man Lost (11.27MB) - See more info.

A slow and dramatic piece, giving a feeling of disorientation, anxiety, being lost and fear.

Dave Yowell
Blinded Mind (20.54MB) - See more info.

Sad, nostalgic and introspective.

Dave Yowell
Brandy Path (14.1MB) - See more info.

A real Irish jig - bouncing along in a happy groove.



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