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Berimbauzinho-cues composite - See more info.

This is the cues composite - useful for cutting in and out of scenes.

Co Preto
Groovy Samba-cues comp - See more info.

A composite of edited cues, slices and hits made up from a traditional old school / 70's style,  groovy samba from Rio De Janeiro,
The mood is happy and positive with a typical relaxed Carioca vibe.

Co Preto
Berimbau Dream - See more info.

A soft, floating and ambient combination of berimbau (bow harp), percussion, swirling electronic keyboard pads and a smooth wailing male voice (no lyrics).

Co Preto
Drylands Sunset-No clarinet - See more info.

A soft, and  melow waltz from the Sertão (Drylands) of Brazil.

Mango Bongo
Bossa Evening-Sultan Makende Remix - See more info.

A groovy Brazilian bossa nova / sambinha.

Scott Ross


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