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Doobiedub - See more info.
Roots dub reggae in a classic style with stoned dub breaks, in the style of the great King Tubby  inventor of "dub".
Clint Bilton
Cool bossa azul - See more info.

A funky bossa nova acoustic / electronic / lounge fusion from Brazil, light and cool, giving a feeling of paragliding over Guanabara bay and sugarloaf mountain  Rio de janeiro.

Co Preto
Agreste Feliz-cues - See more info.

A traditional baião (groove) from the  (agreste) drylands of North Eastern Brazil.

Sultan Makende
Groovy Samba-full version - See more info.

A traditional old school / 70's style,  groovy samba from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Co Preto
Bula Bula-30 secs - See more info.

A snappy, happy, groovy South Sea Island Reggae groove.

Dave Yowell
Afro-Latino Lite-groove-1 - See more info.

A light percussive  Afro-Latin groove that would work well bubbling under almost any kind of scene, even with dialogue over the top.

Orb Raga - See more info.

A haunting combination of swirling electronic drones, overlaid by a very organic Indian type of violin called a Dilruba.

Sultan Makende
Electranquilla - See more info.

A relaxing and calm fusion of electronic beats and keyboards.

Sultan Makende
Auld Lang Syne - See more info.

An old public domain scottidh folk song, traditionally sung on New Year's Eve at midnight.

Dave Yowell
Mambo de Gringo Maluco - See more info.

Relaxed Latino groove giving a warm and tropical feeling.

Gringo Loco


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