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Modern orchestral with a few well known classical pieces thrown in

Tracks Listed In: Orchestral and classical

Preview Track Artist
A Coffee with God (13.11MB) - See more info.

A soft, slow and sad solo acoustic guitar.

Dave Yowell
A Coffee with God plus orchestra (13.11MB) - See more info.

A soft, slow and sad solo acoustic guitar accompanied by a string orchestra.

Dave Yowell
A long Dark Road (36.78MB) - See more info.

A  dark musical suite with a strong Middle Eastern flavour.

Sultan Makende
Al Harb W Al Salam-War and Peace-Cues composite (21.99MB) - See more info.

This is a composite file of cues and hits.

Sultan Makende
Al Harb W Al Salam-War and Peace-Full version (28.86MB) - See more info.

Very dramatic, dark, tense and serious.

Sultan Makende
Angels We Have Heard On High (28.99MB) - See more info.

Based on the traditional Christmas carol, it starts out slow, then picks up into a faster, jazzy and bouncy swing.

Dave Yowell
Blind Man Blues (12.58MB) - See more info.

A sad and melancholic slow waltz, with a solo violin playing the main melody, accompanied by a string orchestra, acoustic piano and acoustic double bass.

Dave Yowell
Blind Man Lost (11.27MB) - See more info.

A slow and dramatic piece, giving a feeling of disorientation, anxiety, being lost and fear.

Dave Yowell
Bright Polka Waltz-No Drums (21.78MB) - See more info.

A bright and bouncy Polka-Waltz from Eastern Europe.

Sultan Makende
Bunkalong-cues composite (12.07MB) - See more info.

A fast and pumping organic fusion of very diverse influences, combining funk, jazz, and loads of exotic percussion from many far and distant lands.

Sultan Makende


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