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Tracks Listed In: Slow

Preview Track Artist
A Coffee with God - See more info.

A soft, slow and sad solo acoustic guitar.

Dave Yowell
A Passive Smile - See more info.

A soft, smooth and sophisticated combination of gentle trumpet, underlaid by  acoustic grand piano, acoustic double bass and a strings pad.

Guymon Ensley
Afrindo - See more info.

Percussion from Africa, the Middle East and India, with a pulsating bass drone.

Dave Yowell
Agra Sunrise - See more info.

A soft, gentle and light Indian fusion of classical Indian instruments, percussion, string orchestra plus some more modern touches.

Graham Boyle
Alluring-Full version - See more info.

A tense, dark and dramtic underscore with several sections and breaks.

Guymon Ensley
Ambient Reflections - See more info.

A gentle and soft combination of acoustic piano and floating, swirling keyboards.

Dave Yowell
Ambient Reflections-solo piano - See more info.

A gentle and soft acoustic piano
The mood is wistful, pensive, and contemplative.

Dave Yowell
Berimbau Dream - See more info.

A soft, floating and ambient combination of berimbau (bow harp), percussion, swirling electronic keyboard pads and a smooth wailing male voice (no lyrics).

Co Preto
Bridge Of Tears - See more info.

A slow, sad and poignant piece, giving a mood of regret and sorrow.

Calm Valley - See more info.

Simplistic bamboo flute melody over harp like backing.

Andy Findon


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