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The lost planet of Davus can only be contacted and observed from here. It's a filmic fantasy land , where nothing is real and magic reigns - strange and mystical music to enhance your dreams.

Tracks Listed In: The lost planet of Davus

Preview Track Artist
A long Dark Road (36.78MB) - See more info.

A  dark musical suite with a strong Middle Eastern flavour.

Sultan Makende
Afrindo (8.29MB) - See more info.

Percussion from Africa, the Middle East and India, with a pulsating bass drone.

Dave and Gui
Afro-Latino Lite-groove-3 (3.38MB) - See more info.

A light percussive  Afro-Latin groove that would work well bubbling under almost any kind of scene, even with dialogue over the top.

Ambient Transport (30.76MB) - See more info.

A floating, ambient mix of electronic sounds, a finger rubbed glass, with an eerie and melancholic melody.

Dave Yowell
Back in the outback-no yidaki (25.23MB) - See more info.

A slow, hypnotic and pulsing combination of swirling synth pads, click sticks, acoustic bass and drum beat.

Yidaki man
Ballad of The Boyne (16.09MB) - See more info.

A grand, majestic and psychedelic mix of Celtic infusions.

Ballad Of The Boyne-minus bass and drums (16.11MB) - See more info.

A grand, majestic and psychedelic mix of Celtic infusions
This version is lighter, minus bass and drums.

Bamboo Mist (15.29MB) - See more info.

A strange and haunting flute played over a spacey electronic synthesiser, combined with a glass finger rubbed tone.

Dave Yowell
Bass In Ya Face - ambient mix (22.39MB) - See more info.

This is a light, delicate and ambient remix of the main version.

Sultan Makende
Berimbau Tensão-no Berimbau (21.62MB) - See more info.

A tense, slow, floating combination of discordant electronic drones and sweeps.

Sultan Makende


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