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Baranta's Afro-Latin grooves  

Tracks Listed In: Baranta's Collection

Preview Track Artist
Afro-Latino Lite-groove-1 (3.45MB) - See more info.

A light Afro-Latin percussion groove that would work well bubbling under almost any kind of scene, even with dialogue over the top .

Afrobeat In Da street (27.95MB) - See more info.

A funky, traditional Nigerian Afrobeat groove in the style of the great, late Baranta

Carnival Boogie-main groove 1 (10.26MB) - See more info.

A super groovy Afro-Latin mix that crosses the Atlantic from Africa to Latin America and back.

Hilife and da good life-drums and percussion (21.67MB) - See more info.

Happy, tropical  hilife from Ghana.

Milo Jazz Rebel (5.72MB) - See more info.

Fusion of Afro Brazilian and African percussion.